6 Packing Tips When Moving Home In Geelong

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Shifting houses doesn’t seem to ever get any easier. Packing all the stuff in boxes and moving it all to a new place surely is a heavy task. However, just a handful of hacks and tricks can make it all so much easier for you. Right from packing the whole wardrobe to making sure the boxes are safe to travel, here are 6 packing tips when moving that will come to your rescue.

Choose the Right Box Size

Use the small boxes to pack heavy stuff, like books, crockery and more. On the other hand, put larger but light items like sheets or pillows in bigger boxes. Large boxes make things harder to move when packed with heavy items, while also being prone to breakage. Your removalists can help you with this.

Place Heavy Items At the Bottom and Fill Gaps

Make sure you load the packing boxes with heavy things put at the bottom, further placing the light ones on top. Further, make sure there are no empty spaces inside the boxes as mover’s find them unbalanced and risky. Use some packing paper, towels or clothing to fill those gaps.

Go For Thorough Labeling

Put appropriate labels on the box that mention what the contents are inside them. Plus, label them with tags like ‘kitchen’, ‘living room’, ‘bathroom’ and more to help you as well as the movers learn where each box belongs. Number the boxes and maintain an inventory list to keep track of the items.

Tape Boxes Well

One of the most crucial consideration while you move is to tape the packing boxes properly. Make sure you use tape stripes repeatedly to seal the top and the bottom of the box, while adding more tape on sections that experience the maximum load. This will make sure the box isn’t damaged due to the weight.

Use Clear Containers to Pack Items of First Use

Pack things that you may find necessary right after you move to the new place in clear plastic containers. Load the containers with items like trash bags, paper towels, phone chargers, box cutter, toilet paper, utensils, power strips, necessary cookware, tools and other similar items.

Pack Clothes with Hangers

One of the best packing tips for clothes is to place them in the bag with the hangers. Once you’ve got all the clothes, tie the hangers together and pack the box or bag away. Untie the hangers when you are unpacking and simply hang them on the cupboard rod.

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