Best Way To Pack Books When Moving House

It would seem that many Geelong residents are avid readers. As a local removalist, we have lost count of how many tons of books we have moved since we have been in business in Geelong. 

Packaging books may seem straight forward, but there is more to it than meets the eye. 

The Best Way To Pack Books When Moving House

There is no doubt about it – books are heavy. That is the first thing you need to bear in mind when you pack books. It is best not to pack too many books in one crate or box. 

Packing Paperback Books

Paperback are naturally lighter. But, the problem is that you can fit more of them in one box. That is often what makes boxes with paperbacks heavier than boxes with other books. 

That being said, it is best to pack paperbacks separately. Other heavier books can damage them. We always advise our clients to weigh the books before they start packaging them. In an ideal world, a box or crate should weigh about 10 kilos. Remember that we are going to be carrying a lot of boxes. That is why we ask you to be aware how much you put in each box. 

Your papaerbacks are best packed in their sides. Place the books spine to spine. That is the best way to ensure the structural integrity of books. 

It is also a good idea to pack the same size books in one box. Packaging them in this way, will make it less likely they will move during the removal process. 

Packing Hardback Books

Did you know that hardback books can easily become damaged during a house move? You need to take extra care when packaging your favorite hardback books. 

They do need to go into separate boxes. Also, don´t forget that they are heavier so check the weight before you start packing. Extra special books should be packed with towels in between them to cushion them during the process. 

Once again, the principle of packing books spine to spine applies, and you should try to pack the same size books together. It is best to put a soft towel at the bottom of the box to cushion hardback books even further. 

Put a note on the box or crate telling us that it contains books, and we will be careful when moving it around during the moving process. If you would like more advice, please give our Geelong office a call. 

If you need a removalist, get these guys. We have way too much stuff, but Tom and Cam smashed it out so quickly – and with a smile on their face the whole time. Great service, fair price, and no issues.

Johnathan McMaugh


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