Best Way To Pack Boxes When Moving House | Geelong

Yes, there is a right and proper way to pack your boxes. Packing efficiently is critical for your move and will guarantee that your items are damage-free and safe. 

The right box

It is fundamental to choose and use exclusive packing boxes for any move, particularly for breakable and heavy items. Packing boxes are made to be secure and strong. Avoid using used boxes for heavy and breakable items since they are designed to be used on very light things regardless of their sizes. 

Seal the boxes

Sealing your boxes properly is also important. Use a good quality packing tape to secure box bottoms, sides, and tops. This will fortify the strength of the box and protect it against moving during transit.

Items to pack first

Pack your least-used belongings first. Identify the items that you need and don’t need during and on the day of your move. This will save you time in packing the rest of your stuff. Pack these things in advance to avoid going through the same process over and over again.

Heavier items

When you start to fill your boxes, put heavier items at the bottom first then pack lighter items on the top like glasses or something like that. Make sure you plan every box that you need in every room. Putting heavier items on top of the box will break or crush the items packed on the bottom. This will also cause your box to fall or break apart. It will also be difficult to move or lift your boxes.

Boxes per room

Pack and group your items by the room that they belong to. This will make your unpacking easier and quicker. This will also avoid double-handling the items and boxes since they already are specific to a certain room.

Protect with care

Delicate or breakable items need to be handled and wrap carefully. You can use bubble wrap or your extra towels and blankets. Box collision and movement are inevitable during transit, especially if you are traveling on bumpy roads. To avoid damages, properly wrap or cover your items with tape. Use box fillers such as clothes and extra fabrics to fill the gaps in the box. 

Label boxes

After filling the box, seal it firmly and label it accordingly. Put proper description, your contact number, and new address. Also, indicate if the box contains fragile or breakable items.

Specialty Boxes

There are boxes available for items such as mirrors, computers, instruments, and televisions. For your clothes, you can use a specially designed wardrobe box. 

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