Best Way To Pack Glasses When Moving House

The material to make glasses is specially designed to look elegant and transparent. It makes the glasses easily breakable. It will not be a problem if you are living in the same house. When you are moving to a new place in Geelong, you have to know the best way to pack glasses or books when moving house.

Materials required

Apart from the glasses, you are going to require many other things to pack the glasses safely.

  • Bubble wrap
  • Adhesive tape
  • Wrapping paper
  • Cardboard box
  • Scissors


We can divide the process of wrapping glasses safely and moving them to the new house into six steps.

Tape at the bottom

In the first step, you have to arrange the cardboard box and put tape at the bottom. You should paste tape in a way that it holds the bottom-side properly. You should apply multiple layers of tape at the site of joining box flaps. To secure the box from the bottom, it is good to place another layer of tape at the center of the box.

Bubble wrap at the bottom 

Once you have secured the bottom completely, you should put bubble wraps at the bottom. The bubble wraps are going to act as a cushion for the glasses. More than one layer of bubble wrap should be placed to secure the glasses.

Pack individual glass using paper

When the box is ready, it is time to secure the individual glass. You can use the paper wrap for extra safety. If all the glasses are packed without the paper wrap, they can easily break by glass pressure. You should pack each glass with the paper wrap and keep it in the box one by one.

Arrange the glasses

You should carefully place the glasses parallel to each other. In an ideal situation, there should be minimum space between them. When you have fancy types, spaces will be created between the glasses. You should place paper wrap in these spaces to stop the movement of the glasses.

Cover with bubble wrap

Once all the glasses are packed, you should cover the top of the box with two layers of bubble wrap. It is an additional way of securing the glasses.

Put tape on the top

In the final step, you should close the top flaps of the box and put tape on it. You should apply two layers at the flaps. It is better to put an extra layer of tape vertically for production.

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