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The duration of your packing depends on a lot of factors including the number of your belongings and the size of your home. After decluttering your items, packing one room for one to two days is the general rule. However, you can adjust your packing time and duration in any way you want. If you have a huge house, take frequent breaks, or work slowly this will only drag your pack and move longer. Here is the best way to pack a house when moving, starting from four weeks before your moving day.

Four weeks before moving day

You can start by packing items that you will not need for the next few months or just after your move. You can start packing up these items/areas.

  • Basement, attic, or storage areas
  • Shed, closet, garage, or areas where you keep your extra supplies
  • Out of season clothes and items
  • Equipment and tools that you will not be needing before you move
  • Display items or collections that you keep or store

Three weeks before moving day

Continue to pack decorations or display items such as home decors and artworks. You can also start packing things that you don’t use daily such as

  • Books
  • DVDs
  • Office supplies
  • Music
  • Tech gadgets
  • Hobby equipment
  • Kitchen equipment that you rarely use

Two weeks before moving day

This is the time where your packing gets serious. You can now start with your kitchen, bathrooms, bedrooms, closet, fragile items, electronics, and other valuables. Check thoroughly your cabinet and drawers to avoid overlooking anything. Ensure that you will not pack things that you will still need up to your move day and keep your daily essentials and needs in separate storage or area.

One week before moving day

This is the final week of cleaning and packing. Rooms should be almost completely packed. You should also pack up your dirty laundry and your laundry room but leave the things that you likely be needed on the day of your move such as snacks, clothing, and last-minute cleaning supplies. Remember not to pack documents and other necessities that are required or related to your move.

One to two days before moving day

Start and completely pack the rest of your belongings or the items that you are still using. Make your bag of essentials. This includes items that you first need after moving such as toiletries, medicines, few clothes, important documents, phone, charger, water, and snacks.

This timeline can be your guide on the duration and the items that you can pack. Always give yourself enough time to carefully and securely pack your home so you can avoid leaving anything behind. Lastly, to avoid stress and pressure, you can hire the services of moving and packing experts to help you with your move. There are moving companies and removalists available in Geelong.

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