Best Way To Start Packing To Move House

According to several studies conducted in Geelong, on average a person moves house at least twice in his lifetime, and about 40% move three times or more. Therefore, it is good to prepare for this situation, since the probabilities indicate that at least once you will go through it. Therefore, it is advisable to be prepared so that when the time comes you will know what to do.

Best way to start packing to move house

Packing all the things we have at home for the move can become really chaotic if we do everything on the spur of the moment, and make it more organized let’s divide it into 5 simple steps:

1. First of all, the most important thing is to get organized in advance, and not wait until the last day to start packing. Therefore, it is essential to plan and pack in advance.

2. A move is the ideal opportunity to detach ourselves once and for all from all the things we have at home and never use. Apply the rule that if you don’t use it, don’t pack it, so you can leave behind the things you don’t need.

3. These are the things you need to pack:


It is good that you buy very resistant bags, and of two colors. Use the one-color bags for all the trash, and the other color bags for the things you will take to your new home. One recommendation is to buy black and transparent bags. The black ones are only for the garbage, so with the transparent ones, you can see the things you will take with you when you move.


Get as many boxes as you can, it is better to have them leftover than to have them missing. But be careful not to make them too big, because if they are too big when they are full, they can get very heavy.


An ideal way to protect all your things is to wrap them with newspaper before storing them in the boxes.


Buy several markers of different colors, and use one color for each room, and mark all the boxes and bags in that room with that color. For example, choose a blue marker for the kitchen, and mark the boxes where you packed all the things in the kitchen with the blue marker.

4. Use numbers to prioritize the boxes. This way you create a priority scheme and it will be easier to unpack in your new home. That is, the boxes you will need to unpack first are marked with the number 1

5. Label everything you pack in detail and avoid leaving unidentified boxes. By being specific about what goes in each box/bag it will be easier to make the move, and so the things that require more care in the move will be better-taken care of.

With these 5 simple steps, you will be able to easily and quickly pack all your things and be ready to move. However, if you think you have a lot of things at home and it might be difficult to pack all by yourself, you can contact us, and we will help you. Keep in mind that we are the best removalists in Geelong, and we have all the services you will need for your move.

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