Do You Tip Removalists In Geelong?

The practice of tipping in Geelong is not particularly widespread. However, it is slowly becoming more commonplace to tip exceptional service. But what about when you’re moving home? Do you tip removalists in Geelong?

Moving the contents of your home is an arduous task – and not just in a physical sense. Of course, heavy lifting makes up the bulk of your removalists’ work, but that doesn’t mean they can get by on strength alone. Other factors, including ensuring boxes are stacked safely and correctly and taking care not to break or damage valuables, add a level of responsibility that is sometimes not taking into account.

Additionally, removalists often work in difficult or uncomfortable conditions. For example, they might need to carry items down a tight staircase, or operate during the kind of hot days that are commonplace in Geelong during the early months of the year.

When taking these things into account, it is clear that there is more stress to a removalists’ work than you might have initially considered. So, after a tough day lifting, loading, pushing, pulling and carrying – all while keeping your valuables safe, and often in tricky conditions, it’s highly unlikely your (exhausted!) removalist will turn down a tip.

If you think your removalists have completed your job well, feel free to offer than a small token of your appreciation. You can either do this as a percentage of the total cost of the work (5 to 10% would generally suffice) or offer a little money to each removalist to go and get themselves a few beers afterwards ($20 – $30). Even better, find out the kind of beer (or soft drink) they like as they work and have a six-pack ready for them to take away after they’ve safely unloaded your items into your new home.

You don’t have to wait until they’ve finished, either. You can tip your removalists with offers of snacks and soft drinks through the day. A gesture like this is sure to be appreciated, particularly if they’re carrying out a big job or the conditions they’re working in are less than ideal.

Finally, if you’re pleased with the work your removalists have done, you can offer a “tip” in the form of a positive review on social media. This will go a long way to showing your gratitude for their efforts and help their business remain sustainable.

Tipping in the service industries in Geelong may not yet be widespread. Still, removalists carry out important and – at times – stressful work, so rest assured, any tip you offer will have been well-earned – and will be greatly appreciated!

If you need a removalist, get these guys. We have way too much stuff, but Tom and Cam smashed it out so quickly – and with a smile on their face the whole time. Great service, fair price, and no issues.

Johnathan McMaugh


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