Easy Steps for Moving House Electricity Connection To New Homes

One of the most important things to do when moving is disconnecting electricity in your current home and reconnecting utilities in your new home. It is going to be an inconvenience when moving into your new homes only to find no power. Therefore, you should learn how to disconnect electricity from your current house before moving and connecting it to your new house. Find out below how to disconnect and connect electricity when moving without hassle.

Moving House Electricity Connection

How to Disconnect 

  • Alert your energy provider before moving. Your energy provider is obligated to disconnect your electricity and gas when moving house. Before you move out of your house, you should call and inform them of your intentions to move. Normally, the disconnection of utility occurs a day after moving out.
  • Before moving, it is important to pay overdue bills. When calling the energy provider, ask if you have any pending bills. If there are any, pay them in before moving to avoid damaging your credit score. 
  • Do the last meter reading. Have your energy provider conduct a final electricity meter reading. Keep a copy of the meter reading just in case you receive unexpected bills after you move out.
  • Do not forget to update your new address with your energy provider to allow them to send future bills to your new house.

Reconnecting Electricity in Your New Home

It is important to organize electricity connection days before your moving in. Call the energy provider after providing them with your new address for electricity connection. You may have to pay a connection fee that varies among energy providers.

After moving in, you should conduct a thorough audit of the home for clearing and other issues. Get a professional technician to come and conduct a home energy audit. The reason behind it is to keep you ahead of improvements and repairs such as insulations or any electrical faults. 

You should also note that it is not mandatory to stick with the same energy provider you had in your previous home when you move. It is advisable to switch providers, which also signifies a new start. 

Connection takes less than three days unless you are switching energy providers. You can get a professional removalist or electricians in Geelong to help you move house electricity connection to your new home. Whether you are in a rush or not, it is advisable to alert your energy providers to assist in the connection and disconnection. Doing it yourself could lead to serious injuries. 

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