Effective Ways To Pack Boxes For Moving House

Packing boxes is a vital part of moving out of your house. There is a right and wrong way to pack boxes for moving house. However, everything can’t fit in the boxes. With adequate boxes and a neat organization, you can manage packing easily. Read further to know how to pack boxes for moving house and the care tips to ensure your belongings’ safety.

1. Gather Supplies

You cannot pack boxes without supplies. Supplies will help lighten the packing process. These include;

  • Tape.
  • Packing paper or peanuts for padding.
  • Permanent markers.
  • Cushion foams.
  • Permanent markers.
  • Scissors.
  • Packing paper and masking tape for wrapping valuables
  • Bubble wrap

2. Assemble and Organize Moving Boxes

If you just acquired new boxes, assemble them. Sturdy double-walled boxes with zero damage are advisable. Unfold the collapsed ones to a cube shape and prepare them. Packing can be a long process. Therefore, begin packing boxes as early as possible to ensure you finish by the time you are ready to move. Two to three weeks is a recommendable, flexible depending on your house size. 

If you have a checklist, use it to tick off items as you pack them into the boxes. It is advisable to pack room by room, and you should target a specific number of packages and rooms to pack in a day.

Save the smaller boxes for heavy stuff and the bigger boxes for light objects. Computers and books are considered heavy; therefore, store in small packages for easy lifting.

3. Sort and Pack the Items

Begin by separating objects by use, similar sizes, and weights. Pour the peanut into the empty boxes. Wrap heavy items with packing paper or bubble wrap and add them at the bottom of the box. Then do the same for light items and separate them from the already placed ones using a cushion foam.

Cushion the packed boxes using crumpled packing paper more peanuts to fill in the spaces to avoid damaging during moving. Tape the boxes and label them appropriately. 

Tips to Recall When Packing Boxes

  • Ensure you wrap your delicate items and breakables well.
  • A filled box should not weigh more than you can carry. 
  • Over-packed boxes can rupture in transit. 
  • Under-packed boxes can collapse in transit.
  • Labelled boxes prevent confusion during unpacking.

Professional removalists in Geelong will ensure your packed boxes are steady and safe during the moving process. Following these tips will help you pack your boxes for moving house easy and quick. 

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Johnathan McMaugh


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