Four Factors That Affect The Cost Of Moving Houses

Moving a house is no easy matter. It sounds simple enough and yet it can become quite complex and stressful like changing address, packing boxes, and a lot of other things also hidden costs mount during the process.

The cost of moving house can be anything from $500 to $2,500 and it depends on a number of factors. Below we outline a few. 


The preparation which the customer has put into the move can go a long way towards saving both time and money on moving day, and can also help ensure that items being moved arrive in good condition. 

By decluttering the home and ensuring boxes have succinct labels regarding what is inside plus the room they are meant for can go a long way towards clearing confusion and saving time and headaches. Extra points for those who disassemble furniture in advance (but don’t attempt this if you can’t). Ensuring that movers have clear paths to walk through within the house will only help in a seamless removal. 

Size and bulk

A number of house movers give estimates on the cost of moving houses on their web sites depending on the number of rooms because larger homes can significantly increase the cost. That said, a smaller house jam-packed with furniture can take just as long and be as expensive to move as a minimalist’s mansion. 

Then there’s the sheer weight of the items you’re moving which you should factor in when calculating costs. The amount and type of furniture being moved can significantly affect costs. There’s a difference between a light glass table and a heavy antique which needs to be disassembled and whose parts are hard to carry. Fragile items which may require specific handling can also increase costs and take longer to move. 

Type of building

When getting quotes on the cost of moving houses in Geelong, one of the first things you’ll get asked is whether you live in a house or an apartment as that could play a significant factor in the moving process. Moving from shared units or apartments is more complicated due to the shared driveways, parking costs, height restriction for trucks, and elevator sizes. Some apartments only allow for moves during specific times making the process even more restrictive. The regulations all need to be organised well in advance to ensure there are no nasty surprises. 

Ability of movers

There are huge differences in movers’ capabilities. Cheap labour costs based on pay-per-hour rates may explode when the movers are inexperienced and particularly slow. It’s not a job that two men and a truck can do and requires people who know how to carry and dismantle things. The cost of moving houses within Geelong can definitely vary from company to company so it’s good to check out reviews and ask around before making your decision.

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