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Major life changes such as moving into a new house can be daunting and overwhelming. Despite being a positive experience and an improvement in your life, moving for first-timers and even experienced individuals is tiring and time-consuming. Packing away all your belongings, moving them, and unpacking them is a tedious task. This will require elaborate planning and understanding of the things that you need to do to ensure that you move easily and safely.

It is recommended to give yourself plenty of time for the moving process. You can at seven weeks before your moving day or you can much earlier. This will help you properly adjust your timeline to fit your everyday schedule. In the first two to three weeks, it is important to do more planning than packing furniture or any other thing. This can ensure that you have a thorough guide during the whole process. This will be your planning and preparation period. This will get you ready with everything that you need so that you will have a smooth packing, moving, and unpacking experience. Here is the list of things that you need to know and do during this period:

  • Decide whether you do the move yourself or hire movers, packers, or removalists.
  • If you decided to hire professionals, get quotes from various companies.
  • Arrange a storage unit if ever you need one for your move.
  • If you have items that need to be cleaned or fixed do this right away.
  • Decide if you want to hire house cleaners for your current house.
  • Make arrangements for those who you are asking for help. Schedule your friends and family to help you in packing your belongings.
  • Identify where you will get your moving supplies such as boxes and tapes. It is either you buy them or ask your family and friends for their extra boxes.
  • List and ensure you have all your packing supplies and needs.
  • Declutter your stuff. Identify the items that you need to bring to your new home and the items that you need to sell, throw, or donate. Check every item in your room. This will help you save time later on during the packing.
  • Get rid of the items that you don’t need to bring on your move. Throw away the trash, sell items online, host a garage sale, or donate it to your friends or family.

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