How Much To Pack A House For Moving

If you are ready to move to a new house in Geelong, you should know about the small costs that are not included in the removalist company package. Some companies help you pack your stuff while others take extra fees for that. We have compiled a list of factors that will help you understand how much to pack a house for moving.


This source of packing material can influence the cost of packing drastically. Some companies will include the cost of packing material in moving service. It will help you estimate the cost easily. You can also borrow the packing material from someone who has recently moved to a new house in Geelong. You can get the materials for free from them. You can pack the stuff by yourself if you want to save a lot. As you are not a professional packer, the damages will increase during the move.

Materials used

Some moving companies use reusable material to pack the stuff. If you hire a packing service from these companies, it will cost you less. The company will bring its material for packing the stuff. Before leaving, they will take the packing material with them. It is not feasible if you are planning to keep most of the stuff packed for a few days. You will have to unpack everything immediately after reaching the new house. If you use disposable packing material, you can keep it. You can unpack your stuff whenever you want.

Weight and volume

If you have heavy items that occupy less space, you will not require a large amount of packing material. When the volume of your house items high, it will take more space. In this case, you will have to use more packing material. It can increase the cost of packing. When you have to pack a mattress or plastic items that are breakable, you are going to need more space and more packing material to cover these items.

Type of stuff

 You can pack the regular furniture and unbreakable in a bag. Breakable things and electronics need different packing material to avoid damage. If most of the items in your home are breakable, the cost of packing will increase. You are going to need bubble wraps and wrapping papers in addition to the cardboard boxes when you have these items. We can take the example of glasses. When you need to pack many glasses, it will take 3-ply boxes and a large amount of wrapping material.

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