How To Pack Clothes When Moving House

A house may have dozens of clothes. Adults and kids can have so many types of clothes. Most of people like modern and stylish clothing. Hence, their wardrobe can be really big. 

But, when moving house to Geelong, these clothes can be a nightmare. Because it would be a really difficult task to pack all these clothes. 

However, if you follow the right methods, then you can pack all your clothes smartly. To help you some tips are given below. So, follow these tips and pack your clothes safely. 

So, How To Pack Clothes When Moving House 

1) Pack Clean Clothes 

You should wash all your clothes before packing them. Clean clothes never spread a bad smell. Insects or fungus will never grow in clean clothes. Moreover, you can iron your clothes well, when they are clean. 

2) Don’t Pack Old and Worn-Out Clothes 

You don’t want to make your packaging heavy. Hence, you have to sort out old and worn-out clothes. You can sell these clothes or you can give them to a charity organization. You should always try to pack usable clothes when moving house. 

3) Use Strong Plastic Bags For Heavy Clothes 

Jeans and other heavy clothes can’t be packed in cardboard boxes. The best part of these clothes is that they don’t wrinkle easily. Hence, you can use strong plastic bags to carry them. 

For example- you can use a garbage disposal bag to pack them. 

4) Use Wardrobe Boxes For The Delicate Clothes

Every family has some delicate and expensive clothes. You don’t want them to get dirty or wrinkled. So, you should pack them in wardrobe boxes. Clothes can hang in these boxes. As a result, these boxes are a safe haven for all your expensive clothes. So, buy some wardrobe boxes. 

5) Use Suitcases To Pack Light Clothes and Clothing Accessories 

You may have hats, belts, sunglasses. fur jackets, and more light clothes. You can pack all these items in a suitcase. Suitcases have a big space. Hence, your accessories won’t get damaged inside it. 

6) Wrap The Glass Items With Your Inexpensive Clothes 

There are some clothes that you don’t want to dump. Now, these clothes may not be new. But, you love them. So, wrap all the glass items with these inexpensive clothes and pack them inside boxes. In this way, your clothes and glass items both stay safe. 

Packing clothes may not be an easy task. You may have to spend days to pack them properly. Hence, you can call us. We are professional removalists and we have a trained team. If you live around the Geelong area, then we can help you. So, contact us to pack your belongings perfectly and safely. 

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Johnathan McMaugh


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