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Moving house in Geelong or anywhere in Geelong can be quite stressful and daunting especially the packing process. Most people are intimidated or discourage by the number of items that they need to pack and unpack during the move. However, packing is also an opportunity to clean and declutter your life. Here are our tips and guides to pack quickly, get organized, and stay on budget.

1.) Declutter before your move

Go through your items or belongings at least three weeks before your moving day. Identify items that you need to bring and those that you need to get rid of. You can create a list of items that you need to throw away, donate, or sell. You can sell items online or by hosting a garage sale. Donate stuff to your family and friends and throw away the items that you can consider trash or junk.

2.) Last on, first off

Select the items that you need first in your new house and load them last on your moving truck. This will ensure that you can unpack them first and find them easily.

3.) Create a don’t pack zone

If you hire a moving truck, create an area where you can put the items that you don’t want them to load on the moving truck. This will include all your valuables such as documents and jewelry. Ensure that anyone helping you pack and move is aware of the items that will not be included on the moving truck.

4.) Identify items that movers won’t take

Chemicals and solvents are items that movers won’t take. Some of the items also include firearms, fertilizer, propane tanks, ammunition, aerosol cans, and fireworks.

5.) Identify what to pack first

Start packing the items in your least-used room such as storage or guest room. After this, you can start in common areas such as the kitchen and bathroom.

6.) One room at a time

You can avoid mispacking or losing items by using this tip. Packing one room completely before going to the next one will help you say systematically organized. This will also help you track your progress and gives you an idea of how much packing you need still need to do.

7.) Use clothes, blankets, and towels as packing material

You can save on your packing needs by utilizing your clothes, blankets, and towel to wrap fragile or breakable items instead of buying bubble wraps and wrapping paper. These items can also be used as fillers or extra padding for your boxes.

8.) Hire movers or removalists

If you are not tight on the budget, it is better to hire professional movers or removalists. Most moving businesses or companies offer full-service. Professional movers will pack and move your belongings quickly and securely.

9.) Create an inventory

Assign numbers and add specific labels on each box that you pack. Record the items that are in the box and on what room the box belongs. Check the box when you load and unload.

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