How To Pack Wine Glasses When Moving House

Are you moving house in the Geelong area? In that case you are probably worried about how you are going to pack your most treasured items. Some of our possessions are more expensive than others. For instance, we know that wine glasses are something that many of our clients worry about when it comes to moving house. 

Mainly, there are two different kinds of wine glasses. The vast majority of our Geelong customers own both ordinary glass wine glasses and lead crystal glasses. The way you pack them vary a little bit. 

Before you start packing, remember that anything made from glass is more delicate than items made from lead crystal. The way you pack lead crystal and glass varies. You should always be extra careful with glass items. 

How To Pack Crystal Wine Glasses When Moving House

If you have the original boxes your crystal wine glasses came in, you should use them. But, there is no need to worry if you have thrown them away. 

The first thing you should do when you pack crystal wine glasses, is to fill the glass itself with paper. Newspaper is great or you can use kitchen paper. Make sure you pack the paper in tight so that it stays in place. The paper acts as a shock observer for crystal glasses. Unlike ordinary glasses, crystal glasses don´t crack – they shatter. 

Find a suitable box or cartoon which will fit your glasses. It is best not to pack too many glasses in one box, six glasses is about right. Place a soft think towel in between glasses. After you have done that, put a towel or other fabric material on top. Seal the box and put them in a small size moving crate or box. 

Clearly mark the box fragile and move onto the next set of glasses you need to pack. 

Packing Other Glasses

Once again, select a box that is not too large. Ordinary glasses don´t need paper inside them, but you do need a thicker material between the glasses. You may even want to wrap them in towels. It is also a good idea to place a soft towel on the bottom of the box. 

Towel or other fabric materials should be placed in between all of glasses. You should also finish off packing the box by placing a towel on top of the glasses before you close the lid. 

As you are packing smaller boxes within a larger crate, it is important to make sure they fit in tight. If they don´t add extra material in between the boxes. Make sure you mark the crate fragile or put a fragile sticker on it.

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