Moving House Checklist

Moving house is one of the most challenging things, which is arguably said to be the third most nerve-racking things in life after death or divorce. Usually, the whole process involves research to conduct, individual to inform, negotiation, and packing. Thus, there is a need to consider taking advantage of the right moving checklist to ensure that the process runs smoothly and faster. So what are the best moving house checklists? Read on to find out!

Select the right estate agent

Choosing the right estate agent is vital. You must avoid agents who promise to put your house for the highest price valuation. The best way is inviting four or even five agents at different times to offer a valuation. That way, you’ll have a good idea of whom to trust and hire. 

Visit the area you want to move in.

Prior to putting an offer on your house, it is wise to research the location you’re moving to. Be sure to list down everything you want in the new area in the order of priority. These priorities can be road accessibility, schools, working areas, etc. 

Hire the right solicitor

Moving house is a process that must involve authority. Thus, it is essential to consider hiring the right solicitor because they are ready to assist you through the whole process of conveyance. 


Before you move to your new home, you must decide if you will carry your belongings yourself or hire a removalist company. If you are doing it yourself, you’ll need to have some friends to assist you and a van to carry large items like furniture. If you consider hiring a moving company, you must let them know your actual moving date to avoid inconveniences.

Insurance cover 

Before the actual moving date, ensure to have in place a household insurance policy. It plays an integral role in ensuring everything is safe during the move. 

Indeed, moving house in Geelong can be a demanding task; however, it doesn’t have to be. Just take advantage of these checklists to make it a stress-free move. 

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