Moving Into A New House Checklist

Are you moving into a new house? Apart from packaging up your old house, it is always best to create a checklist for moving into your new home. Moving house is at the best times a stressful process. To cut down on the hassle factor, tracking progress by using a checklist will help you a lot. 

The team at Geelong removalist has got some easy to follow tips for you. 

Things That Should Be On Your Moving Into A New House Checklist

There are many items which belong on this checklist. We are going run through the top ones that need to be in place before you leave your old house. 

  • You need to check the utilities. Water, gas and electricity should be available from day one in your new house. 
  • Have you made sure that your new home is insured? For some reason, many people who move house forget to take out home insurance at their new address. 
  • Have the locks been changed? Not everybody change the locks, but we always recommend our clients to make sure the locks of the new house have been changed. 
  • Have you registered the kids in school? 
  • You also need to contact the phone company to make sure an Internet and phone connection has been set up.
  • Do you have pets? If you have pets that need to be kept safe, you need to make sure the garden is “pet safe”. 

There are many other things that should be covered as well. One of the things that we like to point out to our clients, is to make sure they have enough time to organise their new house. Going back to work or starting a new job living out of boxes, is not the ideal situation. It can quickly become stressful for the entire family. 

You also need to register with a doctor and make sure all of your medical records are transferred if you are moving out of the Geelong area. 

Keep all paperwork and documents handy. You never know when you will need any paperwork relating to your new house.

On top of that, you need to make sure that you redirect your mail. Addresses on vital documentation such as driving licences should be changed as soon as possible. Needless to say, you need to make sure your bank knows that you have moved to a new house. They will need both your address and any new contact details such as telephone numbers. 

If you would like to ask any questions, please send an email to the team at the Geelong removalist

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