Pro Moving Tips: Renting Boxes For Moving House

Boxes are the best packing methods when moving. They allow you to carry your items conveniently and safely as you move. While packing those boxes is a tiresome task, it is even a little hectic to choose boxes to rent. There are many box rental companies renting different boxes, and without a proper understanding, you may get what you did not expect. Below is a complete guide on renting boxes for moving houses.

Types of Boxes

Professional moving tools and boxes are in different sizes and shapes. They come ready to fit in specific household items to avoid confusion. 

1. Medium box

It is an easy-to-manage box designed for heavy items, for example, computers and books. These boxes can hold 1.75 cubic feet of your items.

2. Big Box for Various Items

Large utility boxes are meant for toys, non-perishable foodstuffs such as can foods, pans, and pots. They also carry small appliances. They can take three and a half cubic feet of your household goods.

3. Kitchen Corrugated Cartons

They are sturdy corrugated boxes of double-wall construction meant for delicate items and breakables. They are mostly used for packing glassware, chinaware, crystal, and dishes. To ensure extra protection, you can add cellular dividers into the boxes.

4. Picture boxes

These telescopic boxes carry mirrors and framed pictures. They are suitable for transporting kids’ posters, your artwork, and framed portraits. 

5. Wardrobe cartons

They are big boxes that are fully equipped with hangers to carry your clothes. Their advantage is the ease of transferring clothes directly from your closet into the boxes. 

6. Extra-large boxes

The vast boxes are meant for bulky stuff, such as lampshades. They can carry 4.9 cubic feet of items that are very heavy.

Benefits of Hiring Plastic Moving Boxes

  • Plastic moving boxes are safe for the environment. Since they are not disposable, you can reuse plastic moving boxes, which is advantageous to the environment.
  • The boxes save time. They require less time assembling and packing; for example, there is not taping.
  • The boxes save money. You do not need to purchase materials trying to construct your boxes.

Essential Tips When Hiring Boxes for Moving

  • Hire as many boxes as possible just in case you have a lot to pack.
  • Always go for the strongest boxes, which are relatively affordable.

A professional mover should provide and rent boxes for moving house as part of the services offered. Rent quality and affordable boxes in Geelong, if you want to pack your belongings and ensure their safety during the moving process. Ensure you hire boxes after estimating the size of your belongings. 

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