Removalist Tips: What About Those Things You No Longer Need?

Moving from one place to another is never quite a perfect process. it doesn’t have to be long or trying and if you are in Geelong you can count with us to make it even easier. However there’s no denying that your new place won’t be the exact same as your previous house. And with new spaces come new challenges or at least a few inconveniences. Not everything you own will fit perfectly in your new place, some things will be too large, maybe the spaces aren’t quite the same in dimension. Maybe you are just tired of your old couch and you want to change it. Regardless of the cause some items will no longer be needed, and that is an interesting topic all by itself.

One of the most common questions we get in the company is if can removalists arrange to take stuff to rubbish tip. In short yes, getting unwanted items to rubbish tip is something that definitely can be arranged. And it’s core our business is moving your stuff, and nowhere does it say that we have to move them just from your old to your new home.

If you find yourself with a wide variety of stuff that you want to move to a rubbish tip and provided it’s not in an unsanitary condition we can easily arrange an extra trip and get rid of them for you. It shouldn’t take long to plan and organize with you. That said it’s not like a rubbish tip is the only possible destination for the furniture and items you can’t or don’t want to see in your new house. 

Let’s say you have a couch you love but doesn’t quite fit in your new place, or maybe there’s something you’d love to keep but just can’t add to your house right now. Why not store it? As removalists we count with storage services that can be a huge help in moments like these, and it can be useful when space is limited. 

Alternatively, if it’s something that is in good condition but you don’t plan to keep in your house, don’t you know someone who could use it? If that’s the case we can move it for you as well. Maybe your large couch isn’t good for your new apartment, but it can be perfect for a friend or your parents. Our service is moving, and moving doesn’t have to be large to count as such. So while yes, we can take furniture to a rubbish tip we can also try other stuff as well. We’ll also choose the right boxes for you and make sure everything goes smoothly.

If you need a removalist, get these guys. We have way too much stuff, but Tom and Cam smashed it out so quickly – and with a smile on their face the whole time. Great service, fair price, and no issues.

Johnathan McMaugh


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