Some Things To Consider When Moving House With A Cat

Just like humans, cats develop a strong attachment to their environment so moving houses can be stressful for them. Introducing your cat to a new home without prior preparation might cause it to feel anxious. Planning ahead of time will ensure a smooth transition from one home to another for your pet. To help you do this, here are some things to consider when moving house with a cat within Geelong.

Try to Keep Your Daily Routine Consistent

Since you’ll be busy running errands, your routine is likely to get mixed up as you pack up boxes and clean things out. However, maintaining some consistency is still important for your cat. Try your best to still attend to your pet’s needs even on a busy schedule. 

Keep Your Cat Restricted in a Safe Room

On the big day, things can get too chaotic for your cat. It is highly advised to have your cat restricted to a safe room within your old home to prevent startling it. Make sure to still provide your pet the essentials such as food, water, litter box, and bed in your chosen restriction space. 

You may also attach a sign to indicate family, friends, and removalists that your cat should not be disturbed. By doing this, you prevent your cat from dashing out the door as you work on moving. Implementing this at your new home as you unpack is highly recommended as well. 

Introduce Your New Home Slowly

For most cats, it would be ideal to do new home introductions slowly. Your pet might get overwhelmed if you let it explore the new place on its own. When your cat starts to explore, try offering it more attention then maybe give your pet some treats to make it feel comfortable in your new home. 

Moving into a new home with a cat can be tough for some individuals. Just like their owners, cats can also get anxious when introduced to new environments. You can try implementing the tips mentioned throughout this article to prevent this from happening. As long as you do things slowly and cautiously, your pet should settle in just fine. 

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