Steps To Moving House

Moving to a new home is a task that takes a lot of time and effort. Not only because you have to pack up all your belongings, dismantle all your furniture, but also because you have to make many arrangements regarding electricity, Internet, gas and water supplies, among others. All this means you can feel anxious just thinking about moving home in Geelong. So it is best to organize everything little by little and with time, so that when it is your turn to move, everything does not fall apart. Here we will give you the best steps to take when moving home in Geelong.

In the first instance, we recommend you start organizing the move approximately two months beforehand

First, start by tidying up and throwing away everything you don’t need in your new home. By organizing all the things you have in your rooms, you can begin to decide what you should take with you and what you should throw away. In the same way, this will help you to identify what things you need to pack in a special way or hire an insurance company that will take these objects to you in a safer way. We suggest making a list of those things you will take with you, Also don’t forget to redirect your mail when moving to new homes.

Next, if you wish to hire a special company to take care of your move, you should look for it in advance, check with several companies and ask all the necessary questions, so that they do not give you an incorrect estimate, and then have problems, and you will also have more options to choose the company that offers the best service at the lowest cost.

About 6 weeks to go

You should buy various supplies, such as boxes, packing material, markers, and everything that is necessary to mark and know what things you have in each box, you should also pad the inside of the houses correctly so that the objects do not suffer damage.

Those things that you are not going to take with you such as cleaning products, perishable products, and food, you should spend them, throw them away, or better yet, give them to someone who can take advantage of them. In this instance it is also necessary, if you have the opportunity, to check the dimensions of your new home and make sure that your furniture and other items will be able to fit through the door so as not to have any inconveniences.

One month to go before the move

At this point you must choose the company that will carry out the move, it is very important to generate a contract, which indicates the date, costs and all the details of the move. You should start with the packing, first with those things you use less frequently, and in this way you will be able to make sure again that things are worth insuring or not.

Keep checking the things you have packed, labelling everything you have stored, so that when you arrive at your new home, you know exactly where each item is. At this stage of the move, it is recommended that you notify the supply companies, bank, and any other places that may be necessary of the change of address.

One week before the move

At this stage, it is recommended that you pack, and finish packing all your things a few days before the move, and in particular pack separately those hygiene items for the first few days and also keep any medicines you may need (if necessary). And very important, ask your bosses in advance to give you the day off for your moving date.

A few days before the move

As you are going to take the fridge with you, you must empty it and clean it. To do this, you must defrost it about 24 hours before the day of the move. Contact your removal company again and check that nothing has changed.

Moving day

On moving day, you should make sure that the truck that has gone is the one you have hired. Many times you hire a big truck and a smaller one arrives, so things can be tighter and you can run more risks. And when you finish loading the truck, check that all the boxes and furniture are inside.

We hope these steps will help you and make your life easier in many ways.

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