The Best Day Of The Week To Move (According To Superstition)

Every culture follows a particular set of rules called superstitions. While some individuals follow these rules with hopes of warding off malicious spirits, the others see superstitions as a way to make grand events more enjoyable. It is safe to say that moving to a new home is considered important by many. For those who want to encourage good luck during their moving day, this article will discuss the best day to move, according to superstition.

Which Is the Best Day of the Week to Move?

Although the occurrence of some bad events (usually minor) is almost unavoidable when moving, you probably don’t want to risk making things more disastrous by moving house on a bad day. When it comes to the best day to move house, superstition states that Thursday is the luckiest day of the week to move into a new home. You may want to reschedule your moving day if it is not during this lucky day.

Can I Move House During the Other Days?

Western superstition may consider Thursday the luckiest moving day, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you can’t move on another day. Moving during all the other days of the week is okay, except for one particular day – Friday. This specific day is the only one you need to be cautious about if you want to lessen your chances of having bad luck.

Why Do People Consider Friday an Unlucky Day?

You might have guessed it already, but Friday is considered an unlucky day because of its association with ‘Friday the 13th’. Numerous individuals have a negative outlook on Friday way back to the Middle Ages. Additionally, biblical tradition states that Jesus got crucified on a Friday as well. This fact may be an alternative reason why some people view this particular day as unlucky. 

Do Some People Still Move During Fridays?

Yes, some homeowners still move during this day. According to a 2015 report, about 41% of house moving events happen on Friday. The individuals that chose to move during a Friday is possibly only free during that day. Even though many western folks try their best to follow superstitious beliefs, this is not the case for everyone. 

Moving can be stressful, expensive, and overwhelming sometimes. Considering this, some homeowners don’t want to risk making things even more complicated by moving during an unlucky day. Whether you strongly believe in superstitious beliefs or not, choosing a reliable removalist company around Geelong may be your best bet to make your moving hassle-free.

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