Tips For Decluttering Before Moving Home

Moving your house is not easy if you don’t plan in advance. 

The first thing you should do is decluttering successfully. The section below would provide you with tips for decluttering before moving home in Geelong. 

How to prepare before you declutter? 

If you prepare well, decluttering will become much easier for you. The job will also be a lot less time consuming. 

Decide when to begin: You should begin decluttering at least a month before the actual date of relocation. 

Prepare a list: Having a list ready is mandatory. 

The list can be extremely detailed if you want or just have a few pointers. It’s entirely up to you. However, make sure the list has a big blank space under each pointer.

Fill up that space with names of items you want to leave behind or get rid of as you move closer to the day of your move. 

Set some rules: You will have to decide on certain rules you will follow when separating items that you may need from the ones you will not need to take to your new abode. 

Set yourself a deadline: You will find it difficult to finish the job on time if you don’t have any deadline. That’s because it’s human nature to work more efficiently when under pressure. 

Tips for decluttering before a move 

  • Work on each room separately. This will stop you from getting tangled and confused. 
  • When trying to declutter a room, take out every single object it houses. 

Empty all the containers and cupboards the room has. This will provide you with an idea about the kind of items you have to choose from. 

  • Pick items you will want to take to your new house. This job can be really difficult as often we tend to have deep attachment with things we have used for years. 

The easiest way of getting rid of such a situation is by answering a few questions. Ask yourself, “It’s true that this item is very dear to me, but I use it very rarely; will it be bad if I don’t have it in my new home?”

  • Start by discarding paper. The one item that gets accumulated pretty easily in most homes is paper. These include bills, user manuals, visiting cards, old books featuring fragile pages, and so on. 

Check all the paper stacked in different parts of your old house and discard every single item that will never need. If possible, donate the old books to a library. 

  • Segregate all the questionable items. Create some space on the floor and spread out four big sheets. Keep all the expired items on the first sheet. Keep broken items on the second sheet. The third sheet should have functional items that you rarely need. The fourth sheet should have items that are in good shape, but you feel that you will have a tough time accommodating them in your new home. 
  • Get rid of the junk without much hesitation. These include all items on the first two sheets. 

We would advise you to check that you are not discarding anything that’s hazardous for our environment. These include old fireworks, batteries, cell phones, and all other items that cannot be tagged as regular domestic junk. 

Do some research online to learn the safest way of discarding those hazardous objects and get rid of them following those newly learnt procedures. 

  • Discard the items on the third and fourth sheet only after evaluating them for a second time. You can sell those items or can even give them away to your friends and neighbors. 

Some profitable techniques of decluttering

Organize a garden sale: Items that are good condition but are not fit to move with you can be sold. Organize a garden sale to get rid of smaller items such as toys, dishware, bags, showpieces, etc. 

Promote the garden sale on your social media accounts. You can also call your neighbors and inform them about the sale. 

The profit earned will drop your moving expenses significantly. 

Sell old books to a local bookstore for used books: Books that appear old and useless to you might be precious for someone else. Get in touch with a nearby bookstore selling old books and sell the books you don’t need anymore. 

Some of these stores will also buy books with fragile pages. 

To conclude, we would like to mention that practicing letting go is a must when you are looking to declutter before moving home with or without Young Kids.

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