Tips On Packing Up A House To Move

Packing your life in a new home or community can be a rewarding and challenging period in the life of your family. It is an exciting chance, on the one hand, to develop new memories and experience. On the other hand, the process of being packed, unpacked and eventually installed in your new home can be challenging and challenging. There are ways to ensure that your household moves smoothly and coordinated, gathering and beginning all packaging material (marking plumbing, tape, labels, boxes, etc.).

Tips on packing up a house to move

Start early

Start setting aside the time to prepare the necessary things as soon as you know you are travelling. Don’t expect to ever ‘want’ to pack; plan it into your calendar as you would any other significant event.

Don’t underestimate your stuff 

Even a small bookstore will take an hour to pack in one corner of a room with bumps and some books. Books are heavy, and you’ll need to break them up into smaller boxes; the more boxes, the more time it takes. Small items you’re not sure about have become almost invisible to you until you wrap them individually in newspapers or bubbles.

Start in the Attic and Basement

Seasonal or storage boxes in the attic or basement weren’t packed for moving. Do not presume that they’re going to survive the trip with a wagon, or with a cart. Try to move them to the staging area if they are ready to go. Engineering cellars and shelves can save the movers a few trips and save labour costs.

It’s not all fragile

Maybe you have some friends sharing your own packing tips, but, contrary to what you’ve said, it is possible for none of them to be treated carefully to mark ALL of your “fragile” boxes to ensure safe handling. Separate the fragile items in one corner of the house and be realistic about what can survive, whether you hire or move about.

Don’t pack it if you don’t need it

Peter Walsh is a pro with a great book called ‘Easy Plan for Living a Less Lifestyle’ and a great organizer called ‘There’s All Too Much.’ Why pay if you don’t get anything from it now, to move things to a new house? Will you pay anyone to move them or just take them to unpack them into a new home, and you decide not to need them?

 When hiring a Geelong removalist, ensure you are clear on the rates. They provide relocation services, storage services and re-packaging supplies and services to ensure utmost removals and interstate removals solution in Geelong.

If you need a removalist, get these guys. We have way too much stuff, but Tom and Cam smashed it out so quickly – and with a smile on their face the whole time. Great service, fair price, and no issues.

Johnathan McMaugh


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