Top 7 Tips When Moving House With Young Kids

For many parents, moving home with kids has never really been a walk in the park. On the contrary, most of them just wish they’d skip that part. You can make it a fun experience for both you and your kids with just a few simple tips.

Here are the top 7 tips when moving home with young kids;

1 Involve Them

If your kids are old enough to understand what’s happening around them, get them involved. They are little humans with opinions and would appreciate it if they were heard.

You could give them such minor tasks as packing their toys in boxes. This gives them a sense of responsibility and eases the load on your part. Both parties win and the work gets done in good time.

Provide spacious boxes that will make it easier for them to pack their clothes too.

2 The Sooner the Better

Moving house is such an involving and tedious affair and requires intense planning. This will take a couple of months just so you don’t get stressed out. Take it a step at a time and get your priorities right.

For instance, begin by identifying your ideal new home. When this is solved, everything else falls in place automatically. Not forgetting the paperwork as well as the logistics involved.

Notify your ideal moving company of your intentions to move so they’ll get prepared. Most of them are usually so busy and might not be available until much later.

3 Visit Your New Neighborhood

Set a day aside and visit your new neighborhood with your kids. This action helps them to become familiar with their yet to be surrounding. Take it a notch higher by taking them to see the schools they’ll attend once you’re settled.

Kids are different and some just don’t know how to deal with the surprise of moving. They may be so attached to their current neighborhood that moving house might hit them so hard.

Bring up the topic of moving house as often as you can. Your kids will become psychologically prepared for what lies ahead of them. Take them with you as you check out the stores as well as other areas of interest.

4 Identify a Warm Moving Company

It’s time to handle the moving exercise with all the grace you can muster. Finding a child-friendly company to help you out will make it simpler for your entire family. Professionals know just how to make your kids feel included.

Take your time and look up companies that have fun ways to engage your kids during the move. Your ideal company should have been in the business long enough to know what your children need.

5 Avoid Complete Changes

Change is not something that adults can embrace so readily and some are even afraid of it. How much more can the little ones be affected by the change? Be sensitive to your kids’ needs by avoiding unnecessary changes.

For instance, stick to the routines that you had practiced on your kids before you moved. Their young minds are still trying to get accustomed to all that’s happening around them.

Be a helpful and sensitive parent by looking out for your kids in this way.

6 Throw a Party

Parties usually help in getting our minds off things that get us worked up. Since you’re concerned about the kids’ wellbeing, host a party that will help them to relax and take things easy.

Invite all the familiar and friendly faces that your kids feel comfortable around. Allow your guests to assure your kids of their unending presence in their lives no matter where you move to.

Make it a memorable party that will make your kids ready for the new chapter that you’re about to open.

7 Save a Convenience Box

As mentioned earlier, moving is an exercise that takes time to have you fully settled. As a result, some boxes and bags will not be emptied for a long time to come.

To avoid inconveniencing your kids, have a specific box or bag close by, and label it. Pack their favorite games and toys inside so they’ll have an easy time getting settled.

Right next to it (or inside), pack some snacks and refreshments that’ll keep them full. It might be onerous to order a pizza especially when you’re not too sure how long it’ll take to arrive.

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