What To Do When Moving To A New House

Moving to a new house is a big change. It can be an amazing experience and you must be thinking to celebrate your move but there are some difficulties in this way. You have to know what to do when moving to a new house with or without your pet. Here are some steps you should follow when moving to the new house in Geelong.

Pack with care

If you want to avoid any problem during the unpacking phase, you have to be extra careful when you are packing your stuff. Packing the related stuff together and labelling them is important. You should be careful about easily breakable items and pack them separately.

Inspect boxes during transfer

Most of the time, we will buy the service of a home mover company. Their staff will transfer the stuff. When they are carrying the boxes in a new home, you should inspect the boxes. If something is broken, you may get company insurance benefits.

Secure house properly

When boxes are placed inside your new home, you have to properly secure your house. During the hustle of the unpacking, one can forget to close a few doors or windows. It can be dangerous especially when you are moving to a new home in Geelong.

Check utilities

Before unpacking, you must check if all the utilities are working properly. You may need to drink water or use air conditioning in your new home. Without the availability of utilities, unpacking can become a mess.


After you have checked the utilities and secured your home, you can unpack your stuff. Proper labelling will help you in unpacking as you can place boxes of kitchen items in the kitchen before unpacking. This can reduce half of your work.

Learn about the new house

During the unpacking or after you have finished, you should look for the important locations in your home. You should know about the main valve of the water and gas. Knowing the location of the fuse box is also important.

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