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The toughest part of any task is usually just getting started. To stay organized during disarrayed times and avoid stalling and procrastination, you have to plan what you need to pack first. Here is our compiled guide that will help you get started with your packing.

Items in storage

To have an efficient packing strategy, pack the items in your storage first. You can start by the items on your garage, storage unit, or walk-in closet, these items are the easiest to pack for most of them are mostly already in the boxes. Make sure that you completely go through each item by taking it out first and distinguished what you need to bring and what you need to get rid of.

Out-of-season clothes

Like the items in your storage, clothes that are out-of-season are also the easiest to pack since they are boxed beforehand. In addition to that, you don’t need to use the clothes for several months so this will give you more time to spend the unpacking of more necessary items.

Rarely used cookware and dishes

The moving process will take a lot of your time and you will most likely to host fancy parties or dinners during and right after you move. This is a great opportunity to store your fine china and rarely used cookware and other dishes. Ensure that you pack them securely and carefully. Also, put a clear fragile label on the boxes.

Picture frames, artwork, and wall hangings

Wall decors or hangings are a good place where you can also start despite it being tricky and strenuous to pack. Since they are only used for decorations, your house doesn’t need to be well decorated a few weeks before you move out. You can avoid misplacing and forgetting the artworks and other wall decorations during your packing and unpacking.


It is easy to procrastinate on packing any of your knick-knacks before your move. This will cause you to be overwhelmed or perturbed at the last minute of your packing day. Knick-knacks are scattered all over your house, pack them according to the room that they are supposed to belong to.

Extra linens and towels

Your extra linens and towels are the best alternative for your box fillers or to wrap items that are breakable and fragile. They can also provide cushion or support for your belongings. As much a possible avoid changing your sheets during your moving period to save your pile of laundry and dirty items around.

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