Where To Find Moving Boxes & Packing Materials

In case you are going to move your home to a new location with or without your pet within Geelong, then you need to keep several essential things in mind. Relocation can prove to be expensive particularly if you need to purchase moving boxes and packing materials. Even before knowing it, you might be spending a considerable amount of money on these items in the long run. However, here we have mentioned some great resources from where you will be able to find inexpensive or free moving boxes without having to break the bank.

1. Craigslist

One of the most significant places to procure free moving boxes and packing supplies happen to be Craigslist. It will be possible for you to collect boxes along with other supplies by checking listings in your locality on a regular basis early enough prior to making the move. Ensure to check out the photographs in the posts for verifying whether the boxes are of good quality. On some occasions, you will come across boxes which are in top condition in spite of being already used before. 

2. OfferUp

This happens to be an app which is almost identical to Craigslist and it is quite simple to use on the smartphone and simpler to message individuals with their items. Being an extremely well-known app, OfferUp helps people to post very easily and make offers for the stuff of other individuals. Besides coming across used packing materials, this app will be ideal for selling your old furniture or any other item which will help you to save sufficient cash for your relocating expenses.

3. Uboxes.com

This particular site provides moving boxes and packing materials directly from the factory. A comprehensive range of moving supplies is offered by them which include stretch wrap, package tape, bubble bags, as well as other packing supplies. Uboxes.com is also known to provide lots of valuable relocating guidelines and resources on their site.

4. Facebook Marketplace

One more astounding location where individuals post their free used moving boxes plus packing materials happens to be Facebook Marketplace. On most occasions, people like to get rid of their moving supplies after the relocation, and they want to provide all of these for free. Facebook makes it very simple for people to purchase and sell products nearby. Facebook Marketplace will be a fantastic place to see what items are being offered in your locality irrespective of whether you are searching for used moving boxes or are trying to sell your personal used packing materials and boxes.

5. Furniture stores and departmental stores

Stores of this type typically have lots of cardboard boxes which are recycled by them on a daily basis. In case you request the manager in these outlets to offer you some used cardboards, you will not be disappointed after all. However, take care not to go to any grocery store for doing this. The boxes in the grocery stores are usually soiled in food and aren’t conducive to relocating.

6. Request your moving company

On some occasions, your moving company will allow you to make use of their used moving boxes in exchange for the business of yours. At times moving companies will allow you to rent boxes, some will allow you to used wardrobes on the relocating day for free, some will be selling other supplies at a cheaper rate as compared to the online stores, and the others might have plastic rentable bins for usage. Never hesitate to ask.

7. Amazon

Being one of the biggest online retailers on the planet, Amazon markets different types of moving boxes at present. It does not matter whether you are searching for a specialty box for packing your TV, you will definitely come across a box fitting your requirements. Amazon comes with lots of options, and every single item is going to have lots of customer testimonials which will allow you to decide whether you should buy the item or not. The boxes will be delivered by Amazon right at your doorsteps, and you will be receiving free 2-day shipping in case you happen to be an Amazon prime member.

8. Home Depot

Home Depot will provide you with some of the least costly new moving boxes you will come across. The boxes are of top quality which will surely fulfill your requirements. However, it is advisable not to purchase any other packing supply from Home Depot since they tend to be rather expensive.

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