Where To Find Moving Boxes & Packing Materials

Where To Find Moving Boxes & Packing Materials - Removalist truck with neat equipment

Moving boxes are one of the key elements that everyone needs when moving home.

The good news is that they are widely available so you can check out several places to get them. Moving boxes can be used several times and with the addition of small packing tape, they make great packing boxes.

There are many places where you can find moving boxes, but you will need to search for them. Although purchasing a moving box may not be the most economical solution, it will provide the best protection for your property.

You have a choice: buy brand new or used boxes.

Of course, the latter will be slightly cheaper, but the price difference is very small at the end of the day. Here are some places where you can get boxes for moving.

Rent moving boxes from a moving company

For those who want an environmentally friendly alternative, there are some services that rent moving boxes for a fee.

Therefore, if you do not live in the area, buying moving boxes may be your only option. Renting boxes will actually be more expensive although plastic is stronger than cardboard. The reason it costs more is that the service delivers boxes right to your home. Thus, in addition to paying rent, you also pay for shipping.

Online box stores

If you want to buy moving boxes, the best way to do this is online. Almost every online store these days offers free shipping. If you’re after an efficient way of buying boxes, buying over the Internet is the way to go, as you don’t have to leave your house to order them.

Online prices are very competitive, so they are usually very reasonable. Online stores usually contain almost everything you might need on your trip. They have all sizes of boxes for flat-screen TVs, lamps, photographs, computers etc.

Some moving box stores also have moving kits for up to 10 bedrooms. Therefore, if you are not quite sure how many boxes and accessories you need, it would be convenient to buy a set.

If you find that the two-room kit that you bought was not enough, you can always go back and buy individual boxes and accessories.

Friends, relatives, and neighbors

Ask everyone to look for moving boxes.

They may have boxes stored in garages, sheds and basements. You may be able to make them work.

Or maybe someone you know has new neighbors who have recently moved to the area. You can also ask them other ideas about where you can get free moving boxes if you want to save as much money as possible and want to use lower quality boxes.

For example, if you know someone who has recently moved, be they a family member, friend, colleague, or neighbor, they might still have boxes that you can use. They may be happy that someone wants to take the boxes off their hands.

That’s a win-win.

Local stores

If you live near a shopping mall, starting there is ideal. However, you may have to make several trips to get all the boxes you need. Groceries and liquor stores receive boxes of goods daily, and crates are returned for processing almost every day.

They may not mind if you help yourself to some free packaging boxes.

Apartment complexes

In apartment buildings there are temporary and permanent tenants throughout the year. Stop by one of these and you may be able to collect free cardboard boxes. You can find a treasure trove of all shapes and sizes because there are a large number of people here that are always buying new tv’s, furniture and other household items.

Office buildings

It seems that companies are always buying new computers that come in very strong cardboard boxes. In addition, printer paper comes in compact boxes with lids that can be ideal for packing books or heavy items.

Do not let these good boxes go to waste – use them for your move.

Hardware and furniture stores

These warehouses are a great source for large boxes or packaging materials. They make great free boxes to transfer your biggest things.

Choosing the right packaging is always a dilemma, as people want to spend as little money on packaging materials as possible, but they want their property to remain intact during transportation.

Our Geelong removalists recommend the preferred solution is to use moving boxes and packaging materials.

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