Who Do I Need To Inform When Moving

We are sure your friends and relatives already know that you are about to move in a new pace within Geelong, but who else should you inform? When you are planning to move in there are many things you need to organize, one of those is the change of address to people and organizations that you need to notify, this isn’t a complicated process but it can take you a lot of time to do it so here’s a list of the main organizations you need to inform of your moving. Maybe you hire a professional removalists company. You can ask them a moving checklist to ensure that the process runs smoothly and faster. Also, on some occasions, your moving company will allow you to make use of their used moving boxes in exchange for the business of yours.

Gas and Electric Companies

If you decide to keep the same provider you need to inform them about your change of address for billing purposes. Do it at least once a week in advance. The same applies to other utility providers such as water and mail redirection service.

Insurance Providers

Insurance companies take into consideration the postcode to ensure your coverage. Depending on the area you move the insurance may increase or decrease. The same applies to home or renters insurance.

Local Authorities

You need to update your address on the Australian taxation office, Australia electoral commission, and the Department of Work and pensions if you or a member of your family gets a pension from the government.

Vehicle-Related Places

This includes your address in the driving license, vehicle registration, and car insurance.

Phone Company

You will require a new phone number for your landlines so inform your phone company about the change of address. For the mobile phone, you have to update the address for billing purposes.

Bank and other Money Related Places

Your place of residence has a crucial role in your identity and it is important to update it. You also have to change the address of your credit/debit card company for billing purposes. If you currently have a loan inform the loan company about any change of address.

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